Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My favourite things- Klippan Bruno

Do you know the Swedish Brand “Klippan’? They make high-quality throws and blankets. I had seen these little blankets and soft toys at shops in Melbourne and Sydney before and was thinking “someday when I have a kid, I will buy these.”

Finally the time came with the little one in my tummy, so I went to the shop in Melbourne where I saw these years ago, but I couldn’t find them! They didn’t sell them anymore. I thought I could get them anytime from that shop, so I didn’t even check the name of the brand.

 1 month old Nico

If you don’t know the name, you can’t google. I was very disappointed…but how could I give up? I’m such a determined person (and so is Nico now!). Eventually I found a shop selling this brand in Sydney and got these from their online shop ;-) These are a couple of the first things we bought for Nico.

11 month old Nico

I always thought that a toddler with a bear soft toy is a good combination. It’s very photogenic :P I was hoping that this bear would become Nico’s best friend, just like his daddy had a snoopy soft toy as his best friend. So far, their friendship hasn’t been built up. Nico prefers the tram guy. Parents can’t really choose their kids’ best friends, can they? But I’m still hoping the time will come.

What is your kid’s best “toy” friend?

With love,