Monday, 14 September 2015

Our weekend

How was your weekend? I hope everyone had lovely time and enjoyed the nice weather (at least in Melbourne). We had busy and fun weekend. On Saturday, Paul had to work all day so it was a big day for him and for me (and maybe for Nico too??)

not much Sakura yet
On Sunday, we decided to go to the National Rhododendron Garden in Olinda in the Dandenong Mountains to see the cherry blossoms...but it was too early! It was such a lovely place anyway though and we enjoyed various coloured magnolias and rhododendrons instead of the cherry blossoms. The staff at the gardens said that you can probably see cherry blossoms in a few weeks, but this year's cherry blossom festival is canceled due to the delay of the flower blooming.

rhododendrons in full bloom

we had lunch at Olinda Cafe . This pulled pork BBQ roll was yum!

Nico will be 11 months old soon and recently started to take several steps. He's growing up so quickly! When I'm feeding him these days, I sometimes get a little sentimental and think "Maybe now is the time that I will look back on when I become really old and think 'That was the happiest time in my life'" . Oh well...but I'm hoping that we'll have more happier times even when he gets older!

With love,