Wednesday 3 January 2018

one more week to go...

It's been a while since my last post and some of you might be wondering if nuno and stitch is around. Yes, we are here!

Unfortunately we couldn't do many market stalls and workshops this year because I've been carrying a new little person in my tummy. We will have our new family member very soon.

We are extremely happy to have a boy at the moment but when we found we're going to have a girl next, Paul and I were both excited. I can't wait to put a beautiful Mihoko Seki bib from nuno and stitch on her.

I am 39 weeks pregnant at the moment and the birthing time is really coming closer. Am I ready? Am I nervous?

I had a good and bad experience for Nico's birthing. We tried Hypnobirth (calm birth) and the birthing itself was really great but after the birth, I had a big blood loss and that memory scares me (and Paul) a bit, but we're still excited about having another birthing experience, which we will talk about the rest of our lives. 

Is Nico ready to be a big brother? He became three in October and he understands lots of things now, but maybe he won't understand this situation until he actually sees his little sister. He is a loving and caring kid, so we know he will love her, but we want to make sure that he doesn't have to feel lonely or left out. 

Our friend suggested that we give Nico a present from his sister at the hospital and we think that's a great idea, but do you have any other suggestions for us to make Nico feel better with our new family member? I 'd like to hear!

With love