Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Shopping in Japan

I probably wrote this here already, but my policy of living in Australia is "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". Sometimes I miss Japanese style customer service or little handy Japanese products, but I try to be happy with what I can get here. 

However there are some goods I always get from Japan.

tooth brush
Simply because it's cheaper over there. You can get a pretty good one under $2 in Japan usually and the 100 yen ($1) shop ones aren't bad at all. When I came to Australia for the first time, I was shocked how expensive tooth brushes were. Also, the head part is too big and it's hard to brush the back teeth, at least for me. I always get 3-5 tooth brushes!

Japanese toothbrush (top) and Australian toothbrush

Socks are cheaper and better quality with more designs in Japan. It's often 3 for $10... I also get tights for winter. They are usually 2 for $10-12. If you wear stockings, I do recommend buying Japanese ones there. You'll be impressed!

I often hear that people are thinking how expensive things are in Japan, but it's not true. They do sometimes have crazy prices, like some special melon for $100. Or if you try to have a coffee in Ginza, it's sometimes $9. But those things are just for some special people who want to spend money!

For example, I feel eating out in Australia is super expensive! 
In Japan, if you pay $50, you can get pretty nice French 3 course dinner. Breakfast never costs more than $10! Lunch set menu is often around $10 -15 with coffee and dessert. If you get sandwiches and a drink from 7eleven, it's definitely under $4.

I read that the average Japanese salary is about 45k and even the average of top industry, like the financial industry, is about 75k, so things have to be cheaper there. If you have visited Japan or lived there before, probably you know what I mean. What did you feel cheaper over there?

So don't be discouraged to go to Japan just because you think it's expensive! Of course it's more expensive than other Asian countries, but things are often cheaper than Australia.

Do you have any plan to go to Japan soon? Don't forget to put toothbrushes and socks in your shopping list;)

With love,

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