Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tokyo icon plate

Now we're back from Japan. The two weeks we spent there seems like a dream now. Just a couple of days ago, we were sweating in humid 30-degree weather and now we're shivering! I can't live without my ugg boots at home...

I'm going to write the details of our trip in this blog soon, but before I start, I'd like to show you this cute plate I got from Japan.

 I always had a strong attachment with Melbourne and Sydney ever since I lived in these cities and I love having some Melbourne/Sydney memorabilia like tea towels, posters and so on. But I was never interested in Tokyo goods. It's probably like Paul not being interested in Mount Waverley goods (if they exist...) I like Tokyo and my hometown but wasn't really proud of it. When someone asks me where I'm from and answer "Tokyo", it's handy because I don't have to explain anything about it, but it doesn't sound special to me.

 So I guess now you can imagine how strange it is for me to buy this plate. During this trip, I had a wonderful time in Tokyo (and a little bit outside of Tokyo ). I loved sharing things I enjoyed when I was little with Paul and Nico and now these new memories changed my whole impression on this city. It's been about 10 years since I left Tokyo and now it became somewhere I simply enjoy my holidays without thinking about my work, daily stuff, relationships with people. Tokyo truly became my favorite city.

This plate is full of our memories with some icons of the places we visited together. We'd love to visit some other places of these icons next time too!

With love,


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