Thursday, 27 October 2016

Our little boy turned 2!!

Last week, our little boy, Nico, tuned 2. My sister visited us from Sydney and spent whole weekend with us. We went to Healsville Sanctuary on Saturday, an indoor play centre on Sunday, and Collingwood Children’s farm on Monday. It was full of fun!

I was so excited about his birthday and was singing and dancing whole week. He doesn’t get new toys often, so we knew he’d get super excited about his presents.

It’s funny that now his happiness is our happiness. We enjoy Nico’s birthday more than our own birthdays. He changed our life completely.

Since he came, I lost my

Sleeping time


Some pleasure – shopping, movie, catching up with friends, fine dining etc…

But I found none of them are important compared with the time with my little guy. He sometimes makes me cry and upset, but he always makes me happy.

Thank you very much for coming to our home and making us your parents.

We love you so much!!!

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