Thursday 3 March 2016

Sweet Home Project -renovation week 5

So, the bathroom floor and wall tiles are installed. The kitchen cupboards are installed. Now what else?

Week 5 was a bit too hot in Melbourne and our cabinet maker postponed painting the cabinet doors. So we've only got basic cupboard at the moment. They will finish the doors and the laundry cupboard in week 6. They also have the template for the bench top so this will be installed next week or after, and then the kitchen tiles. I heard the bench top takes about 2 weeks after they get the template.

We will get the skylight installed in our dark bathroom too so that's very exciting. Now we've started painting one of the bedrooms!

Well...not quite painting yet. I never expected the preparation for painting to be so hard. Sanding..sanding..sanding! Sore hand, sore neck, sore shoulders. But in a way, I am so glad that I can learn a lot of things from my father in law and sister in law. Before I got married to Paul, I didn't know anyone who could do a handy man's job. All those skills seemed to be passed down in a family, but my parents don't do any of those jobs.. That's quite normal in Japan. 

makeover: bathroom into bedroom

new window is installed and looks lighter!But still the old toilet is there

Now I got this chance to learn about sanding, filling and so on and I'm super excited! We do these painting preparations and painting after Nico goes to sleep on weekdays too. It's not easy after a long day with a 16 month old son and my business but it's all for our future home. I will try my best so that we can move into our new home in two weeks!

With love,


  1. Jason (リキの)8 March 2016 at 07:13

    Whoa! The bathroom tiles look amazing. Very spiffy! And... ah... the joys of painting! I think the DIY thing is overrated with regards to painting; we've been 'painting' ceilings, architraves & skirting boards for months now and still no end in sight... It doesn't help that Riki only picks up a brush if I do... I think the Japanese way of always getting a handyperson in to do it is entirely sensible. Keep at it Allie!

    1. Glad you like the tiles Jason! My dad said he felt dizzy when he saw them, but we really love them (this is Paul by the way)

    2. We did quite a lot of research for tiles (mainly on pinterest ) so I'm so glad you liked our bathroom tiles:-) Oh I want to come and help you with those painting! Are your ceiling and architraves classic decorative ones? Just flat one is hard enough but those are pretty hard. Washing brushes each time is also mendokusai. Ganbarou------!