Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Our first TENUGUI + FUROSHIKI workshop

We had our first workshop last Saturday and had a great time ourselves. Well, our participants gave us some good feedback too, so it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves.

we made cutlery case with TENUGUI!

I wanted to include all the attractive points of TENUGUI and FUROSHIKI, so it went longer than I expected and my husband Paul said he started feel hungry during the workshop! Next time, I have to improve some parts definitely.

Through the preparation for this workshop, I learned a lot about the use of TENUGUI and FUROSHIKI myself - it really surprised me and I became a big fan of these fabrics all over again. I'm hoping to get more TENUGUI for myself and use them fully at our new home.

before starting the workshop..why do we need wine??

If you are interested in this workshop, please sign up for our monthly letter here. We will let you know all updated information in the newsletter.
This is also good fun to do with your friends. It's good for hens day crafter-noon party too. (I had a crafter-noon for my hens party too! ) If you have more than three people, I can also come to you.

I'm soooo excited about introducing this TENUGUI + FUROSHIKI world to you!

With love,

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