Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sweet Home Project - renovation week 4

Now our bathroom feature door is installed. Yay! I liked the image of a timber bathroom vanity in a white bathroom, but we could easily imagine that it would be damaged by water quickly so we decided to have a timber door instead. I'm hoping that this door will give some warmth to our bathroom.

When we decided to have a sliding door for the bathroom (well, we didn't have any other choice), I instantly thought we need a lock! Because Nico can easily open it when someone is using it. If it's just for us, maybe that's ok (parents never have their privacy) but not for our guests! The builder said it’s impossible to put a lock without making it a cavity slide but for our bathroom size, it was difficult to make a cavity…then Maria worked out how we could do it! We almost gave up having a lock on the bathroom door, but we’re glad that we can have exactly what we wanted.

do you like this way?
All the water proof painting was done in the bathroom last week and a tiler came last weekend. On Saturday we had to work it out how we wanted our tile to be lined.. (Sneak peek our 3D tiles!)
Or this way?

We haven't seen the complete work yet, so we are looking forward to seeing it this weekend. Once the tile grout is dry, our cabinet maker will put the laundry cabinet in the bathroom and will also put in the kitchen!!! The finish to this week will be pretty dramatic.

Now we're starting to reach our renovation goal. Before moving in there, we needed to paint all the rooms, so we’re hoping to start painting this weekend. But before that, we need to sell the old kitchen. All the pieces are dismantled and sitting in our bedrooms. We put an ad on gumtree a week ago and got quite a lot of enquiries but haven't sold:-(  Now we’re desperate to sell it before this weekend!! Does anyone want a kitchen for your garage or holiday house?? (
Note: after I wrote this blog, we sold the kitchen!!!)

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  1. I like the top tile way, Ai :-) Sounds like it's all going well xx

  2. Thanks for your comment, Fiona! I think we chose the bottom one but now got confused! The top one looks nice here:p

  3. Haha, yeah it took a little while to work out the tiles aye - I think they look awesome!