Monday 15 February 2016

Sweet Home Project - renovation week 3 & renovation budget

Now the walls and plaster around bathroom is installed so we can see how big our bathroom and lounge area will be more clearly. We kept thinking our lounge will be super small but it’s actually not too bad. We really love our new space!

we made a bathroom in our lounge!

This week Maria organised a kitchen maker, air con installer and skylight maker to come and get quotes. It’s starting to be clearer how much we need to pay for this whole renovation. Like most of the other renovations, our renovation is becoming a little bit over budget. Well, to be honest, quite a lot over…because we just keep choosing more expensive options!!!

a bit dark..we definitely need a skyligh!

For example, we decided to use the existing kitchen appliances to keep costs at a minimum but we had to buy a kitchen sink. We didn’t mind a traditional looking one as long as the quality is good, because modern looking sinks are nearly $1000. But we found a very good quality and modern looking, but reasonably priced one for under $500 and we decided to get it. Probably if we stuck to a traditional looking one, we could have saved about $150.

Our sideway door. To get sunlight, we chose a glass door

For the kitchen cupboards, the quote for painting the doors was only $200 more than laminated doors, so we chose paint doors. For kitchen splash back tiles, we had two options we liked, but in the end, we chose the $150 more expensive ones. Each time when we were making decisions, we thought "Well…it’s only $150 difference and we get what we really want. Why not?” and then all of those small decisions made thousands of dollars difference in the end:-(

happy home owners

But still we’re super happy with each of our decisions and hopefully it will all come together nicely. Most of the time, our decision was based on the durability, so we’re hoping that they will last longer than cheaper stuff and we can save money in the end!

with love,


  1. Jason (リキの)21 February 2016 at 18:14

    You three are so cute. Glass door - yes! We got a similar one a couple of years ago for our back door and it changed our life. We now have train view! Hang in there!

    1. Haha, Arigatou Jkun! Oh you got a glass door too? Yes, we're loving it already. We thought about changing this part into window because it's part of bedroom, but filling wall cost more,so we chose this way..but we really like it!