Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sweet Home Project - renovation week 1

So our builder thinks he will finish his work in 6 weeks and 1 week has already passed. We went to see our new place over the weekend and we were very impressed! Two walls (the wall between kitchen and lounge and the wall between hallway and original bathroom) were already taken down.
All the fittings in the original bathroom were gone. The original kitchen was removed. One window in the original bathroom was bricked up. I can’t believe that just one guy did so much things in 5 days… Is your builder this efficient? Or just ours?

We’ve been a bit busy getting small things for this renovation. Something like doorknobs, a sliding door lock, laundry taps, and a heating light etc. My mum was very surprised that we have to get these things ourselves because in Japan, the renovation company just brings a catalogue and you choose doorknobs, a colour of the cabinet, wall paper and so on from there. For locks or taps, they just use standard one that the company recommend and probably don’t even ask customers what they want (Probably if you build a house with a big company in Australia, the system might be similar…). It’s good for us to have more choices about what we want and we can also choose the price we like here, but choosing hardware is not that fun compared with choosing kitchen tiles.

For our bathroom, we went to some shops and showrooms and we really like this shop called Swan Street Sales in Richmond. If you’re living in Melbourne and thinking to renovate, we really recommend this place to get fixtures and so on… The staff are all guys, there’s no fancy customer service, but they are so knowledgeable. They do have famous brand sinks, toilets and fixtures, but they don’t really recommend those just because they’re famous.

Even if it’s an unknown brand and quite reasonably priced, if they think it’s really good, they just tell us. When we had to return a mixer because we got a wrong thing, it was very easy and they didn’t show any signs of being put out. When we went to another place to return something, the lady there was very rude!

So far, we’re really enjoying these little processes. These can be a bit stressful for some people, but we just love doing things together.

with love,

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