Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sweet Home Project - renovation week 2

All the dramatic things happened in week 1 – pulling down walls and taking away the existing kitchen and bathroom stuff - so week 2 developments somehow looked a bit slow but it was actually progressing where we couldn’t see. The plumber came in so all the pipes for the bathroom (shower/laundry/toilet/basin) are now set. Our new side door was installed. The linen cupboard frame is done too. Our builder was out for another job for a couple of days last week so we’re really happy with what he has done with his limited time. 
our linen cupboard frame


We got almost all the fittings for our bathroom now so we started looking for things for our kitchen. Last weekend, we had to decide on our kitchen benchtop and kitchen wall tiles. Luckily Paul and I have similar taste for these things so we agreed quite easily. (I will show you all our choices when it’s all done!!) 
Nico loves visiting this place!!


For our tiles, we’re using Southern Tile. We just popped in this local showroom in Burwood by accident. Our consultant Marion is very knowledgeable and helpful. They have a huge range, from expensive European tiles to cheap Chinese tiles and we can choose depending on our budget. When we wanted a particular tile that we saw on Pinterest, Marion helped us to find it too.  
making decision....

We visited their Moorabin showroom last weekend and their collection was huge there too. While we were looking at tiles to match our benchtop, they even looked after our little boy ;-)

Now week 3 has started and if it’s going according to the original plan, it’s going to be half way soon. We almost finished choosing all the things except for our 3rd bedroom carpet colour and timber floor colour for the lounge and kitchen, so now we started to be able to picture our future home more. How exciting! 


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  1. It is so exciting deciding the finishes for your new home. Hope everything goes according to plan and you can move in soon! ��

    1. Thanks Bisuketto! I slowly started packing, but now Nico loves climbing up all those boxes:-(