Monday, 20 July 2015

Birthday weekend

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We celebrated Paul's 37th birthday at Montsalvat on Saturday. We planned to go to the miniature railway in Eltham after that,'s closed on Saturdays! I didn't check it beforehand (oops)...ah well, Paul said he was really happy anyway. It's kinda funny that Paul wanted to go there for his birthday in a way - he wanted to see Nico's having a great time and that is his happiness now. But I think he also really likes that miniature railway too ;)

Lunch at Montsalvat

For his present, I got a little waist bag. We saw it at Narita airport when we were leaving Japan and Paul was going to buy it for himself, so I said I'd get it for his birthday...but he had to wait to open it. I really enjoy giving Paul something an unexpected present for his birthday - he opens up the present in front of me and gets a little surprise and tells me that he likes my present (hopefully). But the last couple of years I started to wonder if I was doing this a bit for myself - it's his birthday, he should get what he wants even if he knows what he's getting beforehand. And what's more, I don't really know what boys want! He loves his waist bag by the way :)

Paul loves Japanese brand 'Porter"

How do you choose your husband/partner's present? Do you get him what he wants? What do boys want these days?  I'd love to get some ideas.

With love, Allie

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