Tuesday 7 July 2015


So I “officially” started my work yesterday. I have lots of things to do! I wanted to decide the prices of my products yesterday, but only managed to weigh each item. I did some work for my friend’s shop too, which will be opening around the same time as mine. Between doing my work, I also fed Nico and had the lunch that my hubby made. It's been really nice to hear Paul and Nico playing in the other room. That's the happiest sound in the world. But when I heard Paul struggling with a grizzly little boy, I wondered if I should help him or not.  It’s probably a bit confusing for Nico if his mummy is around but not doing anything for him, so I've just tried to stay in my office, even though I really want to see him. Am I being mean?
Paul told me that he’s happy to write about his time on “parental leave” in my blog before he goes back to work, so stay tuned if you’re interested to read about the “stay at home dad” experience!
With love, Allie

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