Thursday, 23 July 2015

Loving food in Japan!

It's been about 3 weeks since we came back from Japan. I feel like it was long time ago! Before our trip, I wrote that we had "to EAT list" in Japan, but I didn't have much time to share the photos. Maybe you might feel that it's not much fun for you to see the food without being able to eat it, but you can add these to your "to EAT list" for your next trip to Japan :)

Did you know that Japanese people make really good Chinese dishes? My favourite dish is 青椒肉絲 - beef and green pepper stir-fry. My mum took us to a Chinese restaurant. The lunch set was 1800 yen (about A$19) and included a main dish, dumplings, soup and dessert!

Yakitori at home! My mum didn't make them but bought from a department store. There are lots of really yummy ready-made foods in Japan.


Tofu lunch course. This was about 5 or 6 courses - almost all the dishes were made from tofu but main dish was wagyu beef not tofu;)

Katsudon (pork cutlet and egg on rice) in Asakusa.

Hand roll sushi at home

Shabushabu (boiled pork)  and wagyu hanbaagu (hamburg). This is a little different from a hamburger, but Paul doesn't really understand the difference.

Delicious 5 course Italian meal for under 2000yen!

Mille crepe is Paul's favourite cake in Japan :)


Chou Donuts - donut-shaped puff cream


Takoyaki at new Narita airport terminal 3


Aw I want to eat all of these all over again!

With love,

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