Sunday, 5 July 2015

Back in Melbourne

Now we're back in Melbourne. I feel like our time in Japan was just a dream! The coldness of the Melbourne winter brought me back to a real life though. I really miss the warm weather in Tokyo.

Although it was the rainy season in Japan, it didn't rain much during our stay. My okaasan (mum) told me that they started to have more rain after we left, so one of us must have been "hare otoko/onna", which means the guy/lady who brings good weather. Or maybe it was our little Nico who was the good luck charm.

We're now trying to recover from the 10-hour-flight with little Nico. Although I'm writing this blog now, I want to have a good rest today and start my work from Monday ( tomorrow). Paul has parental leave from his work until September 1st, so I don't want to waste my time. I will try my best to start up my business before Paul goes back to his work. I'll try to be a strict boss for myself;)

I will report about our flight with our 8 month old and share more photos from our trip soon.

With love,

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