Monday 29 June 2015


Paul's back is getting better little by little but we are still not sure if we can get on a Thursday flight to Melbourne. My parents worry about Paul so they don't want us to go out too much but Paul doesn't want to stay in bed all day, so we've been trying to have a little trip somewhere each day. 

Our original plan for today was to go to Kamakura - an old samurai town- but it takes nearly two hours by train from my parents' place so we decided to go to somewhere closer. 

I wanted to check a little shop in Okachimachi for my business, so today was a good chance. I thought we could just pop into the shop and have lunch and dessert in Shinjuku and then come home, but the shopping area in Okachimachi was surprisingly good, so we ended up checking all shops in the area. 

This little shopping area is called 2k540. It's directly under the train line between JR Okachimachi station and JR Akihabara station. It's named 2k540 because this place is 2540m away from Tokyo station. 

Most of the shops sell hand crafted unique things like leather products, wooden products or pottery. They are all made in Japan. We really enjoyed each shop. 

Unfortunately we couldn't have our favorite ramen for lunch because the shop had moved (initially we thought they were closed) but we had a great day thanks to some lovely discoveries.

With love,

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