Monday, 8 June 2015

Planning a trip to Japan

Soon (in 10 days) we’re going to Japan for two weeks. We’re so excited.

With my previous job, I could travel to Japan once a year in summer to help them during their busiest time. So before I lost my job, I just assumed I could go there this year too and planned lots of different things… but then I lost my job. With work not paying my travel costs and not having any income at the moment, I wondered – “Should we still go to Japan?” We had to think about it.

I needed a good reason to go. I told myself, “Well, I can bring back some stuff to sell from Japan and I can also visit some places that will be useful for my business. The trip will be tax deductible (this is really good). What’s more, my otousan (dad) and okaasan (mum) need to see their grandson!” Are these good reasons?? I thought so!

My okaasan came to Melbourne when I had Nico last year and stayed here for 2 months, but my otousan hasn’t seen Nico yet. When I was much younger and before I met Paul, I chose to live in Australia. I just followed my dream and didn’t care about my parents. Now that I’ve become a mum, I can understand how awful it could be if my child decided to live overseas…I feel terribly sorry for not being able to let them see their grandson whenever they like!

So we decided to go.

Now we have to make a “to do list” and “to EAT list” for Japan. I’m looking forward to sharing my travel experiences with you soon. Although I’m excited about this trip, I’m also a little bit nervous about the flight with an 8 month old baby. Have you ever travelled with a baby? What was your experience? Do you have any advice for us?

With Love,

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