Wednesday, 3 June 2015

So..what do I sell?

When I decided to start an online shop, it was natural for me to decide to sell something Japanese. I was born and grew up in Tokyo. I love Japanese stationary, fabrics, clothing and homeware. Whenever I go to see my parents in Tokyo, I always just take a suitcase that's nearly empty and come back with full of Japanese goodies. I remember that one of my Aussie friends (It’s you, Alison!) once said that she would go to Japan just for shopping. 

These days we can buy many things online. You can even browse shops in Japan using google translate and buy some stuff directly from Japan. However when you use your credit card online, I guess you want to be 100% sure about what you are doing. Sometimes you might feel you can't trust some of the funny translations from google and might get confused. If you have a Japanese friend, you can ask her/him to order something for you, but not everyone has a Japanese friend. It is also hard to search for new cute and good stuff when you don't use the language.

I'd like to introduce some cute and good Japanese stuff to you, to help you to get these things comfortably like I do. I often get Japanese things as Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews here. My lovely niece Isabelle loves stationary (she used to love Smiggles but I think she has grown up from that now..) and she got so excited to get some Japanese stationary that she had never seen here.

It's exciting for me to connect my two favorite countries with the things I love - simple, cute Japanese stuff! Australia gave me so much and I always wanted to do something to pay back this great country, while connecting with my heritage.  It'll be so wonderful if I can contribute to Australia's cultural diversity, using my own background and interests.

With love,

Today's Photo- Paul's mum (she's a lovely lady!) gave me these flowers when I finished my previous job last week. She thought they were like tennis balls. Did you know that Chrysanthemum is the Japanese national flower? It's on the front cover of my Japanese passport too. I like how she picked Eucalyptus leaves with these Chrysanthemum flowers. A lovely combination of something Japanese and Australian:)

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