Thursday, 25 June 2015

Special Experience

When we decided to go to Japan, I booked a lesson for fabric dyeing. This has something to do with the "thing" I'm going to sell at my shop;) This "thing" requires a craftsman's experienced skills to make properly, so there's no way I could properly make it myself, but I wanted to "experience" the process so that I can really tell my customers how precious these items are.

This kind of lesson seems pretty popular in Japan now and when I went there, a tv crew was there too. (I will be on a Japanese morning tv show next week;) if I knew about it beforehand, I could have dressed up a bit more though! )

I wanted Paul to experience this lesson too so that he could know more about my business and help me with the English explanations for how the items are made, but he had terrible back pain the day before the lesson and couldn't go:( I think he's been lifting up and cuddling Nico too much...Fortunately my best friend from uni could make time to come along and took his place, so we had a lovely girls' day out that day;)

Now Paul is getting better, but it's not so nice for him to have back pain during such a short trip. He's been lying down in bed for the last couple of days and missed some fun events, but hopefully we can do some of the things we planned for next week before we go back to Melbourne next Thursday.

With love,


  1. Next time I might have to come with you ;-)

  2. That'll be fun :) I think this lesson will be pretty good for your students too!