Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Naming a shop

Naming a shop is a bit like naming your own child. It is very difficult. You choose a name carefully and start liking it, then find someone else has chosen the same name already.. Well if it's a kid's name, you can still use it, but this is more complicated for a shop name that's officially registered.. This is what happened to us.

Sometimes we thought we'd come up with the "best" name, but then we'd get a bit annoyed when we found out that someone else already registered the name as theirs. It was difficult get over some of our favourite names. Our business advisor, Maria (Paul's big sister), kindly suggested a couple of other options to us, but they didn't seem right. I would get so devastated and thought about names all the time - when I was eating, brushing my teeth, feeding...whenever. I even prayed to God to help us with the shop name;)

In August last year, we went to Daylesford for our babymoon and decided our son's name there.

Paul thinks that the business is my shop, but I think of it as our shop. I wanted Paul to like the shop name too, so if both of us didn't agree on a name, I didn't want it...and we pretty much always agree on things anyway. But when we thought of the name "nuno and stitch", we both instantly loved it, and so did our "advisor" Maria. It instantly felt right and we knew, without a doubt, that this was what we'd been waiting for. We felt the same confidence about our son's name, "Nico", when we decided this too.

I'd love to explain all the various meanings of our shop name, but will wait until we officially open our shop. Maybe a bit of mystery about this can build some suspense!

With love,

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