Friday, 19 June 2015

Our Japan Trip Day1

So our flight was delayed...not once but twice! We arrived at the airport 3 hours before the flight to get our requested bassinet seat, but found our request wasn't on the airline system. Then at the gate, we found our flight was delayed two more hours.

We arrived in Narita at nearly 11pm. The last bus going to my hometown was 8.50pm. Many people missed the last train to Tokyo and looked at lost at the airport. With a very sleepy little 8month old boy, we just decided to stay in a hotel near the airport that night.

When we got my hometown finally, my okaasan (mum) was so happy and excited to see her only grandson. My otousan (dad) was a little bit shy and pretended like he wasn't interested in cuddling Nico, but he looked pretty happy.

We were resting most of the day, but for lunch we managed to go to Paul's dream-come-true place, a "famiresu" (family restaurant). When he was living in Japan, he used to go to a famiresu by himself and was looking at happy families there while he was eating. He wanted to go there someday with his own family.

At my parents' place, there were many boxes were waiting for me. They were the things I ordered for my shop. I went through some of them and they were looking really great ;) We'll pack some of them in our suitcases, but have to send most of them by mail. I will be very very busy when I go back to Melbourne, so I will enjoy this moments in Japan now :)

With love,


  1. ooooo! I am very excited to see the things you bring back from Japan!