Monday, 22 June 2015


Konnichiwa! No news is a good news. We're having a great time in Japan. We spent last couple of days relaxing around my hometown, doing things like visiting relatives, walking around the neighborhood and going to the local shops. Paul and I also had haircut today. We'll be more actively exploring around Tokyo from tomorrow so it's good to prepare before that;) Now we got a "Tokyo look";)

Today we went to a local "kissaten" (an old style cafe) called "Canadian coffee". Last time when we went there a couple of years ago, we didn't have enough time to enjoy their coffee -we arrived at church (which is just near the cafe) a little bit early, so we tried to grab a coffee quickly before mass. But the lady staff diligently made filter coffee by slowly pouring hot water and by the time we were served our coffee, we had to leave. This time we decided to arrive extra early.

We love Melbourne-style Italian espresso, but this time we really really enjoyed their mild filter coffee. There are still many lovely old-style "kissaten" that have a lot of character, so if you visit Japan I recommend that you to try them:) Just make sure you have enough time to enjoy it ;)

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