Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Tomorrow, my mum is coming to Melbourne. Yay! I bet that the worst thing you can do to your parents is live overseas. I always feel guilty about it. So I would like to spoil her as much as possible! I guess all she wants to do is just give a hug to her grandson though. 


I ordered some Japanese food from Ichiba Junction – an online Japanese grocer - for her. 

One of my favourite items from this shop is this.



It’s chopped (almost minced) raw tuna. You can defrost this (be careful not to cook it though, because it’s sashimi and has to be raw!) and put it on cooked rice with chopped spring onion (or chives) and then pour on a little soy sauce. It’s easy! This dish is called “NEGITORO DON”. You can mix sushi vinegar in the rice too. If you don’t have sushi vinegar, you can make it with normal vinegar - just add some sugar and little bit of salt to the vinegar.  


This one pack of tuna will serve about 4 people. I have seen NEGITORO DON for about $13.00 at a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, so this is pretty good value.

NEGITORO DON was always my favourite dish and I always had it at Narita Airport before leaving for Australia, but thanks to Ichiba Junction, I can have it here now. Oh I feel like I’m advertising for them, but don’t worry I’m not being paid. I’m just seriously recommending this yummy dish!    

With love,


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