Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Two weeks with my okaasan (mum)


So my mum has gone back to Japan. Last Saturday, we said good bye to her at Melbourne Airport. I wanted to be strong as I am someone’s mother now, but I couldn’t really stop my tears. Probably Nico wondered why I was crying. And the fact that our little son didn't really know what was going on also made me more sad somehow.
Of course I don’t blame him because he’s only 15 months-old and very little. He doesn’t know how much he means to my mum. He doesn’t know how much she looked forward to seeing him and cuddling him. The night before she arrived in Melbourne, she even had a dream about meeting Nico.
In her dream, Nico didn’t come to her and just walked away because he thought she was a stranger. She worried that would actually happen. In a way, that became true.

Nico broke her heart many times without knowing it. He was sometimes very upset that my mum was around when he was enjoying a morning warming-up time with me.  When my mum tried to cuddle him, he bit her. We thought he would recognize her as we had skype chat every second day since he was very little, but...oh well it’s hard for him to understand the concept that the person in a box he chatted with at the dinner table can come out to real life and wants to touch or cuddle him. 


But, as much as he broke my mum’s heart, he melted her heart too. She loved seeing Nico eating lots of food. She was very impressed by how brave Nico was with the water at the swimming pool. He once let her cuddle him when I went to pick up Paul from the train station and she looked very happy. 

After two weeks, Nico started to get used to her and on the day she was leaving, he even went to her room to look for her and said “ baa ba! “ (Baba means Nana in Japanese.)  Two weeks was a bit too short, but we had lots of fun. I will share things we did together here

Diamond Valley Railway in Eltham


Trip to Mornington Peninsula

Ikea shopping 

St Kilda Beach

Australian Open with Paul's mum and dad

Last day in Melbourne.  Lunch at Baba Sus

Nico trying to reach yummy Hong Kong Waffle

Indoor Play centre-my mum was so happy to see Nico's happy face!


I hope she will come back again soon!
With love,


  1. It was so great to spend time with Okaasan! Even if Nico was a little upset sometimes, I think it was obvious that he loves her and he'll get more comfortable over time too :)

    1. Yes,we had a great time.At least I will try my best to teach him Japanese so that he can communicate with baba in the future:-)