Saturday, 16 January 2016

Our little trip to Mornington Peninsula

We’re just back from a three-day-trip to Mornington Peninsula. We took my mum there. Paul’s mum and dad went with us too and we all had lovely time!!!

Thanks to new Peninsula Link, it doesn’t take that long to go there, so many people go there for a day trip, but when you stay there a bit longer, you can see many more things. We booked our accommodation in Mornington this time. Last time we went there, our accommodation was in Tuerong and it was really lovely, so we wanted to stay somewhere hill-side, but we started looking for accommodation only about a month ago and they were all booked. In the end, we really enjoyed staying in Mornington. It wasn’t a busy part of Mornington but it was also close enough to convenient shops. We really enjoyed an evening walk along the beach there too. 

Our 3BR accomodation

Main Tourist Spots we visited

- Cape Schanck – We had lunch at RACV club there. 


- Point Nepean – this is such an exciting spot to visit! The combination of old historical buildings and geographical features is amazing.

- Arthur’s Seat – the weather wasn’t perfect, but we enjoyed the lovely view. 


- Sorrento pier 

- Cherry Farm in Red Hill 


Our all-time-favourite spots 
Ten Minutes by Tractor – ah we really looove this restaurant. They never disappoint us. If you haven’t tried it, this is a must-go. Don’t forget to make a booking beforehand. 

complimentary dish
Paul's dad is teaching Nico how to drive a tractor...
Ten Minutes by Tractor
1333 Mornington Flinders Road
Ph. 03 5989 6080

Red Hill House – Super cute homeware shop in Red Hill South. I've never left there without buying something… This time My mum bought me this.


And I bought this for Paul

bottle opener!

They have quite interesting kitchen tools. We have bought tomato knife and olive pitter before.

Red Hill House
169c shoreham road
red hill south

Our new finds  


In Sorrento, all the cafés and restaurants are very busy so it’s hard to find a good one, but it seems like this one is a new local favourite. We enjoyed Pulled Pork Roll and BELT!

Buckley's Chance
174 Ocean Road Sorrento 

Italian Pizza shop – they have a shop on Lygon Street too. We ordered margherita pizza, vegetable lasagne and focaccia for take away and they were all yummy! We got Ciobar (thick Italian hot chocolate) from their grocery shop too.

22 Main Street Mornington
Ph. 59770988

Our other favourites we didn’t make it to this time

Peninsula Hot Springs – Yes, Japanese people love Onsen (hot springs). 

Sunnyridge Strawberry farm – strawberry picking!


Nico had a great time with his nana, pa and baba (Japanese nana) too. He was exhausted by the end but we’re so proud of our little guy being a good boy all the time. (Well..of course he had some moments he wasn’t happy, but overall he was great!!!!) 


I can’t wait to go back there again.

With love,


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