Monday, 11 January 2016

Two days with auntie Yuka

My sister came from Sydney with my mum and she stayed with us for two days. Our son Nico is often a bit funny with new people, but he absolutely loved his auntie! She’s a bit like his mummy and her voice and the way she talks is similar to his mummy’s, but she pays all her attention to him unlike his busy mummy!

My sister met Nico when he was two months old, but I guess he doesn’t remember that. Since then, he's grown up so much and my sister was impressed by how much Nico can do now – running around, talking his own language, eating a lot.

We went to South Melbourne Market on her request. She wanted to eat paella there. She also enjoyed buying cheese and hams at the deli. There are not many markets with delis in Sydney somehow… She also introduced us to some yummy Polish ham – a bit like prosciutto. We had a great time together.

Since we were in South Melbourne, we couldn’t really miss the chance to go to bibelot. We had a lovely sweet platter there. You can taste a bit of each of the different kinds of cakes. We all loved the Green Tea Mousse there.

The last two days, I didn’t have to cuddle or play with Nico as much because my mum and my sister wanted his attention all the time… I felt like I had two baby sitters and I was off duty. But now I started to miss his attention and nice warm cuddles.  Nico’s favourite auntie has gone back to Sydney now so I might get it back;-)


My mum will stay for two more weeks. I’m super happy to see her enjoying playing with Nico. All her excitement is even a bit much for Nico sometimes (haha…) but he’s starting to get used to his nana. I know how much my mum was looking forward to meeting her grandson, so just seeing her happy face makes me teary*

I might be a bit quiet for the next two weeks, but when I’m not around here or Facebook, please excuse me as I’m on duty as a daughter and mum!

With love,


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