Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Taste of Japan in Melbourne -Ramen Bankara

Finally we went to Diamond Valley Railway in Eltham yesterday! Some of you might remember, but on Paul’s birthday we missed a chance to ride the miniature train because we went there on a Saturday without checking that it's only open on Sundays. We made sure this time :)

This was our second time to go there, but it was just as exciting as our first time and our little Nico really enjoyed himself once again. He probably can’t understand that he’s on a little train, but loves seeing all other trains with people passing by and the changing scenery, from a little bridge to a tunnel.

Paul and I pretend like we’re going to the miniature railway for Nico, but we’re probably the ones actually enjoy it most. I can promise you that this is the best $3 you can spend in Melbourne!

After the train ride, we went to Doncaster Shopping Centre for our lunch. I heard that a new, authentic Japanese ramen shop opened there and couldn’t miss the chance!

This new shop, “Ramen Bankara”, serves Tokyo Style Tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu is usually from Kyushu, so I was interested in “Tokyo Style” and it was really nice!! 

This is normal Tonkotsu flavour.Tokyo-style Bankara ramen was more dark colour!

It was pretty different from our favorite ramen shop “GENSUKE”, which means that now we have two options to choose depending on what type of ramen we feel like eating. After Gensuke opened, we didn’t want to go to any other ramen shops, so we’re happy to have found a new favorite.
Ramen Bankara
Shop G204 Doncaster Shopping Centre

With love,