Monday, 17 August 2015

Get ready for Father’s Day

Looking for a Father's Day gift idea? Check out our Top 5 Father's Day gifts. 

Paul’s first Father’s Day is coming up...yay! Ah, but he had one in Japan when we went there - Father’s Day in Japan is in June. We had cake and my otousan (dad) got his favourite bread, "choko korone"(チョココロネ). (See Japanese Wikipedia).
Actually Paul received a Father’s Day gift last year too. Our little Nico was still in my tummy but I got this Train T-shirts for him. He really loved it! 

For Paul’s dad last year, we had a picnic at Jells Park in Glen Waverley. (Our present was a Nespresso Machine.) Usually we all go to mum and dad's place, but we didn't want mum to have to bother to prepare food for everyone and clean up afterwards, so we decided to do something outside. FYI, with all our nieces and nephews, we have many many kids in our family!
We had a lovey day, but Jells Park is enormous and it was pretty packed, so it was a bit difficult to find a parking spot and find each other (especially for poor mum who didn’t take her mobile with her!). Probably we will do something less stressful this year.   
Have you got any ideas about what to do on Father’s Day this year? What was your best Father’s DayIt’ll be great if I could get some ideas from you!
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