Friday, 14 August 2015

When I became a real Melbournian

Before I met Paul, I didn't have many Aussie friends. I just hung around with Japanese friends and some friends from other countries. I worked from home so it was a bit difficult for me to make new friends or get to know new people anyway.

Then I met Paul (that was through my Taiwanese friend!) . It was in October, 2010. We started dating in December and I was introduced to his parents in February. We were (and still are by the way) so in love and spent almost all weekends together up until March. But after that, Paul started wanting to spend some time of weekends with his watch footy!

He just told me "I can't see you Sunday this week" or "Saturday this week", according to the AFL fixture. He didn't really ask my plans and I felt a bit like he put me in his schedule around footy. I was a bit disappointed.

Then one day, he invited me to his place to watch footy with his parents. Paul's parents explained all the rules to me while we were watching. I don't usually watch sports much but it didn't take me long to get into the footy world. I really enjoyed it! (I remember it was very exciting close match.)

After the game, I said to Paul's parents "I really liked it! Now I have to choose my team". Paul's dad looked a bit surprised by what I said and said "Well, you don't have a choice. Your team is Collingwood!"

Since then I became a Collingwood supporter. Although I didn't have a choice, I'm so glad that Collingwood is my team now because they are the most interesting team to watch in AFL, no matter if they win or lose. Well, that's my "one-eyed" Collingwood view at least :P

Paul's friends often say that their girlfriends or wives aren't interested in footy and they get surprised to know that I like footy. They usually ask "Do you really like it?? Or you just watch it because Paul likes it?". Then Paul has to explain that I'm the most enthusiastic supporter in the family. I know players' name better than Paul's mum and dad now. I'm also the one that always check the fixture...and decides our weekend schedule according to that ;)

Maybe it's a bit strange, but somehow I now feel more comfortable living in Melbourne because of footy. I don't have to feel like an outsider because I share the same passion with most other Melbournians. In Melbourne, if you're interested in footy you can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. An example of this is one time Paul and I were walking in the city and a pretty rough looking guy was walking the other way. When he saw Paul he stopped us, gave Paul a big toothy smile and said "I like you". It was because Paul was wearing his Collingwood scarf!

watching footy at RSL

Like me, of course our son Nico didn't have a choice - he's a born Collingwood supporter, but I'm sure he will love it! I can't wait to go to MCG with him someday.

Do you like footy, or does it seem a bit of a confusing sport? If you like it, which team do you support? Did you have to change your team when you get married or started dating? It'll be interesting to know other people's story!

With love,

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