Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My favorite thing - dinosaur designs cup

My husband Paul is the kind of person who never really cared about possessions (apart from his toy and comic collection), so I used to feel a bit guilty for often thinking about cute things I wanted to buy. Now we enjoy going to some of our favorite shops together.

We don't buy much though. We both love simple things, so we don't want to fill our home with stuff. My theory is that having lots of possessions isn't important, but living with some of your favorite things can show your personality and make you feel happy. 

I want our products at "nuno and stitch" to be things that make you feel happy. I want them to make you smile when you are using them or seeing them.

Every Wednesday from now on, I will share some my favorite things around me. They might sometimes be things from my shop, but most of the stuff will be things I've collected over the years. I will sometimes share my wish-list too!

My favourite thing for today is this little Dinosaur Designs cup. I always loved their marble colour series.

Well, you might have noticed that it's cracked. My boy (the little one, not the big one!) dropped it from a low shelf the other day.'s my fault. I shouldn't have put it somewhere that he could reach. Initially I felt like crying, but what could I do? He is my ultimate favorite after all. (For those who wonder, I have two ultimate favorite boys! haha. )

I'm not quite sure what to do with this now though - should I keep it, or throw it away? Have you ever broken something that you really liked?

With love,

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