Monday, 24 August 2015

Party Planning

There's only two months to go until Nico’s first Birthday! I’m starting to feel a little bit pressure - for me as a newish mum, the first Birthday is such a big thing. We want to make it something memorable...well Nico won’t remember it, but we want him to be able to feel that we made an effort for him. So I started pinning some party ideas.

Follow nuno and stitch's board kids party idea on Pinterest.

His actual birthday is a weekday, but we’ll have the party on the weekend. In that case, I think we'll do something on his actual birthday too. If you had the same situation, I wonder what you did for your child's actual birthday.

For his (actual) first birthday, Nico’s little cousin Luca had a little afternoon tea celebration with his mum’s special ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ cake (and a big party on weekend)...but for me having 2 parties (even one of them is very small) is a bit too much, because I will try to make the little one as special as the big one.

So I was thinking to take Nico to the zoo or somewhere he can enjoy some time with us. Is the zoo good for a 1 year old? Are there any other places we can take Nico? I need your help!!!

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