Monday, 19 October 2015

Birthday Party!

this is the only photo I took for this blog. I will share professional photos when it's ready!

Oh I feel like I have now done the biggest job as a parent. Before we had a child, many parents told us how painful the labour is, or how hard it is to get up at night for feeding, but no one told us about how much effort we needed for the first birthday!

Well, we tried to choose the easiest option, so we had BBQ party. I hope this doesn't make us look like lazy parents, but we set it up as a "make your own burger" buffet. Our guests could choose tomato, lettuce, bacon, beetroot, cheese and so on for their own burger. I cooked little quiches for little kids, macaroni salad for the side, two birthday cakes and some little egg tarts. ( I will share my egg tart recipe someday! It's so easy and yummy.) We had about 30 guests and no one was hungry at the end, so it was successful I guess!

We wanted to start the party at 11.30am,which was soon after Nico's morning sleep, so we planned to go to the venue at 10.30am and set up everything...but it took ages for Nico to go to sleep in that morning and we only left home at 10.40am. We quickly did the cake decoration and put up the signs and decorations and started cooking burgers. By the time all the guests arrived, I was sooooo exhausted.

I don't even remember what I was doing during the party, but I was so busy. I couldn't chat much with our guests. Probably I was chasing around after Nico half the time. The best choice we made for this party is that we had a photographer. I didn't have to worry about taking photos. Actually no guests were taking photos (even Nico's proud grandparents), they could just enjoy the party thanks to our wonderful photographer.

We wanted our guests to have a wonderful time, so we prepared some games too! For the one of the games, guests had to guess Nico's weight by holding him and then matching his weight with some other objects. Nico got lots of cuddles from the guests!

Packing up everything was almost as hard as setting up, but all our extended family helped us and my lovely nephew helped me carry all the stuff to our car - thanks Lachlan! As soon as we got home, Nico and Paul went to sleep together (when he's too tired, it's easier for one of us sleep with him) and I got all the stuff out of our car and cleaned.  When I finished all that, I was as exhausted as after our wedding! But, like the wedding, it was really satisfying.

We had leftover burgers that night and went to bed. We were all really tired, including little Nico...but the most annoying thing was that the house across the road was having a huge party and loud music lasted till 1.30am!

Next morning we heard from our neighbour that it was someone's 21st birthday. I thought about our little Nico having a big party like that in 20 years and that thought made me feel really exhausted once again, but oh well - I won't worry about it for 20 years!

With love,

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