Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My favourite things - the Kilm Miracle Print Rug

My mum bought this lovely rug for Nico when she was here last year. She was looking after Paul and me while we were looking after newborn Nico. She cooked meals, washed clothes, did dishes...she did everything for us for two months!

One of my first outings without Nico in the first month after he was born was to the hair salon. I wanted to have my hair cut as short as possible so that I could minimize my hair drying time. I used to go to a Japanese hair salon in the city, but I worried about leaving Nico at home with my mum alone for a long time, so I just went a hair salon nearby. At the hair salon while I was waiting, I was reading a magazine and found this lovely colorful rug and fell in love. We got a yellow cot for Nico (we bought it from ebay and the original owner painted it!) so I could picture that this rug would match perfectly with the cot. I took a photo of the magazine page with my phone.

When I got home, I looked up this rug but it wasn't available anymore...the magazine I was reading at the hair salon was too old! I couldn't give up though, so I sent an inquiry to Elk and they sent me the list of the shops which bought this rug and suggested that I check with those shops. Paul called up the shops from the top of the list...and found one left!

The shop was in St Kilda East where we used to live. It was one of my favorite shops. They got this rug to hang in the window for their display, but it was too heavy, so they gave up just kept it in their back storage. Luckily no customer could spot this lovely rug! When Paul called up and asked about the rug, they were pretty happy that we found their "hidden" rug - and of course we were super happy too.

Soon after we called them, we went to the shop and got this rug. When my mum saw this at the shop, she said she wanted to buy this for Nico. I was sure that Nico would love this rug and use it for a long time, so I accepted her offer.

Whenever I go into Nico's room and look at this rug, it reminds me of those first months we had with my mum. She was so excited about seeing tiny little Nico. She often sang Japanese lullabies for him. She cuddled him for ages to put him down to sleep while Paul and I were having dinner. She can't stay with him all the time now, but this rug is always beside Nico.

Someday I will tell Nico how much his "Baba chan" (we'll let Nico call my mum like this) did for him when he was a tiny little guy. I'm sure he will cherish this rug forever.

With love,


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