Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My favourite things-Baby Journal by Write to Me stationery

On Valentine’s Day in 2014, Paul gave me this baby journal. We found out that we were having a baby just before the Valentine’s Day, so it was a wonderful present. We started to fill in some parts even before Nico was born and since he was born, every month we sat down together and wrote things down about the Nico’s growth. 

I love this journal not only because the design is cute, but the content is unique. For example, there’s a page you can write about things that happened in the year the baby was born, like the prime minister, petrol price, AFL grand final winner. It will be interesting to see this page in the future! 


We put this journal on the table at the Nico’s 1st birthday party, so that all guest could see how Nico has grown. Some of our friends were surprised that we had the energy and time to fill in all the pages…honestly it wasn’t easy, but we enjoyed thinking about our little guy after he went to sleep and thought about all the memories we got from the month.

This is a 5 year journal, so we will continue to fill the pages for next 4 years, but after his 1stbirthday, we don’t have to fill it in every month, just every year. We already decided to give this to Nico on his 12th birthday just before he becomes a teen. We're hoping that he will know how much we loved him from this journal and that fact will help him through some difficulties before he becomes an adult.


With love,


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