Friday, 16 October 2015

Nico's 1st Birthday

Yesterday was such a wonderful day for us! It was our special boy's 1st birthday. We had a breakfast celebration at home and sang "happy birthday" at 8.20am sharp, which was the time Nico was born. We invited Paul's parents, his sister and Nico's little cousin, Luca. We prepared all the food and room decorations the night before. Nico's smashing cake was pancake stacks with yoghurt and cream.

we prepared everything the night before

Nico enjoyed balloons in his cot in the morning!

musical band TENUGUI became a bunting!

I used this origami (click!) from nuno and stitch to make a high chair bunting...

Pancake "cake" and Musical band washi tape cake bunting!

Nico smashed the cake!

After his morning sleep we went to Melbourne aquarium. We were thinking to take Nico to either the zoo or aquarium, but we're glad that we chose the aquarium. Nico loved seeing the lovely coloured fish, and big sharks and stingrays. First we put him in his pram, but soon he started to march around himself.

They loved the huge tank!

I almost cried when I saw him enjoying himself!

Nico is also really enjoying the new toys he got from his grandparents and aunties. Our present for him is not a toy this year. We have a weekend party tomorrow so we asked our photographer friend to come and take photos. He won't remember his first birthday himself, so we wanted all these special memories to be captured by a professional photographer. I can't wait to share the photos here!

He loves all the toys he got

Today has been a very busy day preparing food and some other stuff for tomorrow's party. I thought I wouldn't have time for this blog...but oh well, I made it!

With love,

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