Wednesday 28 October 2015

My favourite things- ReTree‏

When I got married, I thought it would be nice to have a Christmas tree. I had a few Christmas decorations before, but I had the feeling that Christmas Trees were only for family.

I wasn't really interested in a traditional Christmas Tree though. It looks so wintery and takes up so much spaces even in a box. However, I wasn't interested in a summer white Christmas tree, which are quite popular in Australia, either. These could be just a trend and become dated. I was looking for something we both can love for a long time.

Then I found this ReTree in San Francisco and fell in love. Originally they didn't have an international shipping option and when I asked, they checked the price and told me the shipping to Australia would cost around $400 (by international courier service) . NO WAY!

But the shop owner was very helpful and when I found a cheaper shipping option (United States Postal Service 'Priority Mail International' , which was around $60), she went to all the trouble of lining up in the long queue, double checking the price and going back there to send it. Because I was her first international customer, she didn't even charge me the handling fee.
Nico was only 2 month old in December last year

So my Christmas Tree came all the way from San Francisco. I love this because it's so simple and easy to match with the rest of our interior and we can use it all year round. We've got some little ornaments already, but it'll be nice to collect some other special ones little by little. I'm sure Nico will love our special unique Christmas tree.

With love,


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