Wednesday 14 October 2015

My favourite things- Musical Band TENUGUI‏

"Yonagado"TENUGUI (musical band blue) $24.20

When I saw this TENUGUI, it gave me some inspiration for Nico's first birthday theme.
It's "Animal Party!". When he was a kid, Paul always thought that dogs were boys and cats were girls... Do you agree? Paul does look like a doggie sometimes and he thinks I look like a cat. Our Nico is a boy, but somehow he doesn't look like a dog. He's more like a monkey. So this animal theme will match with this animal family.

When I order TENUGUI from Japan and see it in real life,
I always think that they are much nicer than they looked in the photos!

This musical band TENUGUI also looked much better in real life and I really wanted to use this for Nico's birthday...but how?? Well, I'll show you everything after his birthday. It's a little secret for now.

ONGAKUTAI Washi tape (blue) $4.95

There is washi tape in the same print too! This will be Nico's signature washi tape.

Our little monkey boy will be 1 tomorrow.

It has been really wonderful to be his mummy for 1 year. He gave us lots of smiles and happiness. We sometimes can't believe how lucky we are. He still wakes up 3 times at night and sometimes I struggle to get up in the cold and dark, but I'm so happy that I can do something for him. He's such a great boy. Thank you Nico for choosing us as your parents;-)

With love,

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