Friday, 25 September 2015

A taste of Japan - Ichiba Junction

Do you often use an Asian grocer? There are a couple of good Asian grocers near our place, but their Japanese section is pretty small and limited... Japanese things are usually a little bit more expensive than other Asian stuff too. I know the saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", but  since lots of Aussies eat Japanese food, I figure that I can still be a "Japanese-Roman" here.

When I was pregnant, I found this online shop "Ichiba Junction" through a Japanese person's blog and orderd lots of Japanese food for after the birthing. (Ichiba means "market".) I knew I wouldn't be able to cook much with newborn baby, and my mum who was looking after me and Paul wanted to eat some Japanese food too. They have lots of ready-made food like frozen sashimi, gyoza, fried fish, fried chicken, croquett (potato cake), edamame, as well as lots of Japanese seasonings, sweets and so on. They can deliver them to you or you can pick them up from their Mt Waverley office and get 3%off.

you can get non-Japanese things too.  1kg of Cheese Kransky was $15.80. 

Another good thing is that they sell commercial size of seasonings and they are pretty cheap! We often use Soy Sauce at our home (Yes, we're very Japanese..)  but if we buy it from normal supermarkets, it's a bit more expensive. (FYI most of the Japanese people buy Kikkoman or Yamasa brand for soy sauce. Other brands taste different!)

Japanese "must-have" seasonings

If you like Japanese food or any Asian food, you should try this online shop! I'm sure you'll love it:-)

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