Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My favourite things – trams

I’m sooo crazy about trams! Does it sound like a boy’s hobby? Haha, don’t worry…I don’t know the names of the models or histories or those things (in case you didn't know, these obsessed people are called "gunzels"). I just love seeing them, riding them and love the cities where trams are running around.

Enoden in Kamakura, Japan

I was always attracted to trams. My family often visited Kamakura (an old town near Tokyo), where my grandpa rests in peace. When we visited there, we always took a little train called "Enoden ", which is a bit like the "96 route" tram in Melbourne to get there (haha, maybe I am a little bit of a gunzel after all...). The Enoden runs on rails like normal trains at some stages and then runs on the street with other cars at other stages of the route. I was always excited about that second part.

Lisbon is such a lovely city!

When I was 20, I traveled to Europe by myself and I really liked Amsterdam, which had a "little town" feel with lots of trams running around. For my second visit to Europe, I chose Lisbon in Portugal, where cute yellow trams are all around. It was an almost unconscious choice, but without knowing myself that I liked trams, whenever I saw a photo of a city with trams I was always attracted and thought “I want to go there!” . My trip to Lisbon made me realise that I really liked trams and soon after that I moved to Melbourne.

Route 78/79 Prahran to North Richmond

I used to live in a small apartment in St Kilda East. On weekdays, the old trams run on route 78/79 and I really loved it! The sound of the bell, wooden doors, lovely windows…I loved everything about it and I felt so lucky to live around that route. I love where I live now, but that’s the only thing I miss in St Kilda East.

I will write a little bit more about my tram love next week with my favourite tram toy (it’s really great!) so even if you’re already sick of my stories about trams, please put up with it ;) Maybe I can turn you into a gunzel too!

the Bendigo Tramways

Oh and if you love trams, the Bendigo Tramways is a must see! When we went there, I was sooooo happy and shivered from my excitement… I wonder if any other girls like trams though!!

With love,



  1. Great post Allie. Trams are beautiful boxes on wheels that bring people together in ways that buses never can achieve. I'm looking forward to Sydney having trams running down George St again (will be years away tho). Jase (力さんの)

    1. Thanks Jase! I love seeing old photos of Sydney with trams. It looks much attractive! I'm looking forward to seeing George St tram but hopefully it's not like a light rail...