Tuesday 8 September 2015

Keirou no hi 敬老の日

We have Grandparents' Day in Japan. That's "Keirou no hi 敬老の日" (third Monday in September), literally meaning respect-for-the-aged day. 

We have Mother's Day and Father's Day..so I guess Japanese people thought "Why not Grandparents' Day?" Let's say thank to grandparents on this day this year! We have some new products that are just perfect for grandparents. 

A gourd is a lucky charm in Japan. It's a symbol of prosperity for descendants. Also lucky charm for being hale and hearty. 

My parents will have their first Grandparents' Day this year. Until Nico can say thanks to them himself, I have to take care of some special thank-you presents or a card for them ;) I will probably make a little photo album of Nico for them this year! They will love it :)

With love 

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