Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My favourite things-toy tram


you can get this here....
Last Wednesday I wrote about my love of trams. Trams are a part of Paul's and my precious memories too. Paul took me to a roof top cinema for our first date, so I took Paul on a “Melbourne Tour” for our second date. Paul asked me why I love Melbourne so much, because he thought Melbourne was not that beautiful, so I wanted to show him his hometown from the viewpoint of tourists! We took a free city circle tram, went to Queen Victoria Market, walked around the little lanes and visited St Patrick’s. 

Melbourne Tour!
When Paul proposed me, he made a big Goldberg Machine for me (this is a machine that does a simple task in a complex way). When I opened the door to my apartment, this tram started to go down a slope pulled by thread tied with the doorknob and went through a model of the St Patrick’s gate he made. (Well, actually it hit the gate and didn’t go through, therefore the next part didn’t work…) Paul wanted to put our memories into this machine to propose me. 

sorry for the very bad photo...but this was the proposal machine!

I really loved this tram (that’s not why I said ‘YES’ to Paul though!) and it was part of the decoration in my room for preparation on our wedding day too…and now this is Nico’s favourite!! He loves moving the tram on the floor (it makes a noise just like an old tram!) but his favourite parts are these people on the tram!! He loves putting their heads(!) in his mouth. He carries around them everywhere, so a couple of people have gone missing (we hope we’ll find them all when we’re cleaning up to move to a new place!) . It’s funny when we sometimes find these guys in a random place like the bathroom, car, kitchen, or under the cot.   He likes this tram driver especially. We call him “Tram no ojisan (middle-aged guy)” . 



We haven't had much of a chance to take Nico on a tram ride yet, but I’m sure he will love trams just like his mummy...but I hope he doesn't become a gunzel ;)


With love,





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