Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Introducing : CHAIR Zabuton

 What is Zabuton?

A cushion for sitting on a floor. They are flat, so are comfortable and ergonomic to sit on. You might know the word 'futon'. "Zabuton" is a futon for sitting!

Our CHAIR Zabuton
Our zabuton is for your chairs! We made it to fit in any chair. As you keep using it, this zabuton will become really flat and you can feel more comfortable with it! We make these with our special Japanese fabrics, TENUGUI or FUROSHIKI.

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These CHAIR zabuton are handmade one by one, so we have limited stock at any one time. We are happy to do custom orders, so if you want more than two of the same pattern or want a particular fabric from our shop, please contact us to order. We will let you know the leading time and price.  

Why does a chair need a cushion?

I don't like the feeling of sitting down on a hard, cold chair. Don't you agree? You need one of these! Or you might need this to protect your precious chair. Some pants (and sometimes skirts too) have sharp parts around back pockets that can scratch your chairs :( But if you try to use a normal cushion on a chair, it's too lumpy. Thanks to their flatter shape, these are much more comfy :)

Our cushion designs are also very unique and colourful, so these can add a lot of character to your chairs - I think even the most stylish chairs can be brightened up a little! Of course, they can also be used for couches too.

Why it doesn't have ribbons to tie around a chair?

My parents always had one of those chair pads with the ribbons...but no ribbons ever survived. They always became torn or detached by being pulled anyway and I think look ugly in the end. So I always wondered - "Why do we need those ribbons?" These ribbon free chair cushions will make you much happier ;)

I hope you will like these new items:-)

With love,

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