Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My favourite things – Kangaroo tea towel

Last Wednesday, I wrote about my vintage dress collection. My favourite thing of this week is something vintage too. I found this lovely Kangaroo Tea Towel at Chapel Street Bazaar, one of my favourite shops in Melbourne. One day I saw lovely cushions made with vintage tea towels on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. I thought I could make one of those, so I went vintage tea towel hunting and found this.

Well as you can see, this never became a cushion. It was too cute to cut with scissors! Sometimes when I see these vintage things, I think they look rather modern, especially mid-century stuff. (I will write about my mid-century love some other time!) This design doesn’t look old at all!

I think Australian people cherish vintage things more than Japanese people. I don’t see many shops like Chapel Street Bazaar in Japan. For example, Op Shops aren't popular at all! As I wrote in my entry about vintage clothing, Japanese people tend to think it’s strange to use something that a stranger already used. I felt the same way at the start, but you know there are so many treasures in those vintage/antique bazaars! Australia taught me how to cherish these vintage things and I really appreciate it now.

Do you like vintage stuff? What was your best find?


With love, Allie

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