Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hello! Musubi-Tie-Pin

I've been waiting for this time for so long – the time I can introduce these cute bow ties to you! These colourful bow ties are not just cute, but help people in need and are valuable in many ways.
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Only one in the world
These bow ties are made with the offcuts of TENUGUI, so when I order these from Japan, I cannot really choose the patterns. If I order 10, I will get 10 different bow ties. Once each one is sold, I can never get the same one again. That makes these more special and unique!

Helping others 
People with disabilities, who work in a welfare office in Tokyo, sew these bow ties one by one. If you look at these closely, you’ll see the beautiful sewing and craftsmanship. In making these, they can also develop and diversify their skills, enabling them to make a wider range of products.

Admiring Japanese tradition and craftsman’s skills
A part of the money from this project also goes to the "Ancient craftsman foundation”, which helps training in craftsmanship in Japan. In purchasing this product, you are also helping to ensure that traditional Japanese craftsmanship is handed down to the next generation. 
 This bow tie comes with a clip, so you can put them on pretty much everything and anything. You can also swap this clip with another pin or your hair pin too. If you get one of these, all of your family can use it, not just as a bow tie, but also as a hair accessory or a brooch!
I hope you like it:)
With love,

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