Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My favourite things -vintage dresses

I used to go to this shop in Windsor. They have a deal - if you get two vintage dresses, you get one for free. So I always thought, why would I get just one or two? I always got three ;) Thanks to that deal, my vintage dress collection became quite big…

I wasn’t really a vintage clothing fan when I was in Japan. I thought that it was strange to wear something that somebody else had already worn…well I have a big sister, so I always had to wear second hand clothes anyway and was probably sick of it :P There are so many clothing shops in Japan and I had a couple of favourite brands, so I never had any trouble finding clothes that I liked.
Now there are many international clothing labels in Australia too and there are lots of nice clothing shops. But when I first started to live here, I found it difficult to find unique clothing in Australia. Every shopping centre seemed to have the same shops, like Sportsgirl, Just Jeans, Country Road. If I bought clothing from those shops, it was pretty likely that I would see someone else wearing the same clothes in town. You know that strange feeling? 
So I started to buy clothing only when I went to Japan. But then one day, I saw a very fashionable girl in Fitzroy...and she was wearing a vintage dress! The design was a bit old fashioned, but because of that, it was also very unique. I loved the modest-girl look of vintage clothes too. 

If you go to vintage clothing shops, you know that there will be no two things that are the same. Once you miss the chance to buy something you like, you can never get it again. It’s like some kind of fate to ‘meet’ your favourite vintage clothes. Sometimes you might even love everything about an item, but the size is just not right. 

When I began to buy vintage dresses, I was very surprised that all those dresses had Japanese labels and care instructions. I guess they were imported from Japan at some point. No wonder always the size matches my body! I like to wear those things over in Japan too, because no one wears things like that there. I think my mum finds it a bit interesting that I dress just like how she used to dress though.

The other good thing about these vintage dresses is that they often have buttons on the front, so it’s easy to breast feed. A few of my favourites don’t have buttons, so I've put them away in a box for now, but I’m really looking forward to wearing them again when Nico grows up a little bit more!

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