Friday, 11 September 2015

Attractive tenugui world -local TENUGUI

I bought this lovely TENUGUI when I went to Nara with Paul in 2011 and it is one of my "takaramono" (treasures). I love Nara’s TOKAE lantern festival held in August and wanted to take Paul there. During this festival, the town of Nara is lit up with lovely lanterns.

Pretty much everyone who is walking around the town will dress up in summer Kimono, called yukata, during this festival. To get into the atomosphere ourselves, we booked this yukata rental place. She sells antique kimono and her modern mix sense is really gorgeous. I picked a yukata and she chose all the other small parts, including obi (kimono sash) to match and put it on me. I really loved it!


We had a great time in Nara visiting my favourite temples like Todaiji Nigatsudo and Hase dera. We really loved riding bicycles around the Nara machi area too.

For our memory of this trip, we got this TOKAE TENUGUI. Although I keep this in my drawer now, I used to put this TENUGUI in my glass top coffee table and I really enjoyed it. (Unfortunately I don’t have the coffee table anymore.)

TENUGUI is something you can get at many tourist spots in Japan. Each place has their own original TENUGUI. It’s thin, light and easy to carry… Some people collect all the different local TENUGUI. Last time when we went to Japan, we saw this TENUGUI (twitter) at Hamarikyu-garden kiosk and I nearly bought it!

If you have any plans to go to Japan, I recommend that you check all these local TENUGUI.  Maybe you can become a TENUGUI collector!

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